Batman-Schurken Quotes

Geen superheld heeft zo’n uitmuntende en aansprekende cast van schurken als Batman. Door de jaren heen zijn al deze personages bekende pop-culturele iconen geworden. In plaats van een discussie over welke acteur de beste Joker neerzette gooien we er weer eens een Quote-quiz tegenaan. Noem de schurk, acteur en bijbehorende film.

1) Well, the work offered by organized crime must have an attraction to the insane.
2) Why is there always someone who brings eggs and tomatoes to a speech?
3) I don’t, I don’t want to kill you! What would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers? No, no, NO! No. You… you… complete me.
4) Maybe, maybe not. You could say we’re of two minds on the subject.
5) Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it.

6) Now comes the part where I relieve you, the little people, of the burden of your failed and useless lives
7) You see, it’s the slow knife… the knife that takes its time, the knife that waits years without forgetting, then slips quietly between the bones… that’s the knife that cuts deepest.
8) Why should only Batman and Robin die while the society that created them goes unpunished
9) Well tonight is going to be different tonight is my greatest plan yet and trust me Batman’s never going to see it coming like the time with the Parade and the Prince music.
10) Mercy? I’m afraid my condition has left me cold to your pleas of mercy.

11) Your compassion is a weakness your enemies will not share.
12) You poor guys. Always confusing your pistols with your privates.
13) The Joker’s just a mad dog. I want whoever let him off the leash.
14) Why? Why can’t I kill you? Too many questions. Too many questions.
15) You are a fish! You a frog! You, a fish-frog

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