Vakantie Quotes

Het is vakantie, en ook hier bij Pro-Test zijn we inmiddels naar andere oorden vertrokken. Maar niet zonder jullie nog even bloot te stellen aan één van onze quote quizzen. Uit welke vakantiefilms komen de volgende Quotes?

1) You yell barracuda, everybody says, “Huh? What?” You yell shark, we’ve got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July.
2) My brother said by the end of the summer I’ll get the big picture. And I see it. No matter what, times change, things are different.
3) Nobody puts Baby in a corner.
4) I still believe in paradise. But now at least I know it’s not some place you can look for. Because it’s not where you go. It’s how you feel for a moment in your life when you’re a part of something.
5) You know America was founded by prudes. Prudes who left Europe because they hated all the kinky, steamy European sex that was going on.

6) What kind of a host invites you to his house for the weekend and dies on you?
7) Joe, we can’t go running around town with a hot princess!
8) He turned down a blow job from his ex-girlfriend… mid-blowjob. You know how hard that is for a man? It’s called blue balls. He’s like Gandhi!
9) My theory is you can’t just avoid everybody you screw up with. You can trust me on that because I’m a New Yorker.
10) It’s supposed to be a challenge, that’s why they call it a shortcut. If it was easy it would just be the way.

11) I’m on top of it Rose!
12) That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.
13) I always thought it would be better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody.
14) You want me to strap her to the hood? She’ll be fine. It’s not as if it’s going to rain or something.
15) You guys wanna go see a dead body?

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