Quote Quiz: Angelina Jolie

Met the Eternals zien we ook Angelina Jolie weer op het witte doek. Haar lange carriere leverde vele mooie films op. Iedereen heeft natuurlijk zo zijn favorieten. Maar hoe goed ken jij haar carriere eigenlijk? We zetten 10 quotes van deze actrice op een rijtje aan jou de taak om hier de juiste films bij te zoeken.

1) Invite me to dinner, Frank?
2) What do you think is more exciting… having sex or stealing cars?
3) Remember that “no gun” rule? I reconsidered!
4) Your father was one of the greatest assassins who ever lived. The man who killed him is behind you.
5) You know, there’s too many buttons in the world. There’s too many buttons and they’re just – There’s way too many just begging to be pressed, they’re just begging to be pressed, you know?

6) I don’t DO dates. But I don’t lose either, so you’re on!
7) Shifu loved Tai Lung like he had never loved anyone before… or since. And now, he has a chance to make things right. To train the true Dragon Warrior. And he’s stuck with you.
8) Well, we can do it my way, or we can all come back in time for the next alignment and you’re welcome to try and kill me then, in oh, say, another 5,000 years?
9) I will not ask your forgiveness because what I have done to you is unforgivable. I was so lost in hatred and revenge.
10) Still alive, baby?

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